Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Well, the flag thing is finished back to everyone gets a gun...

   I support the 2nd Amendment, and I have never been foolish enough to think the criminals that wish to harm me will disarm because the government says they must.  And after their time of punishment is over all their rights should be returned, including the one to keep and bear arms. I do think change is possible.  You do notice that no one has put me in charge, haven't you?

  So this morning when I woke and turned on the commercial exploitation of a captive audience to see what had happened in the night. I find Kerry has given Iran all it needed this week. Now the President and the Democrats have to sell this agreement as wonderful to the people, the silly ones that think there is something to fear in America's Evil past (yes, I am talking about the really stupid ones that are so much better than I).  Should be a slam dunk, something I will never do nor admire.

  In keeping with my position that more nukes still don't matter, just like more guns don't matter, I am not concerned. President Clinton made sure North Korea had nukes, and the war hasn't broken out there, yet. President Obama makes sure Iran has nukes, thinking everything is equal. But the neighborhood is going to ISIS, ISIL, or to pieces. Anyone vacationing in Lebanon, lately? My Facebook avatar is the Israeli flag, the background is the Third Temple.

  I study History, and I know there are real fighters in the United States, who will fight for their cause against the hordes of barbarians without mercy.  But there is going to be lots of innocent blood spilled because so many have not one real core value or belief worth dying for, or fighting for. Too long fed the nonsense that America is the problem, they really believe it is. Get in line get your latte and go on line for your morning marching orders... you just aren't going to be ready for when the grid goes down.

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  1. The problem with Iran, is they DON'T CARE IF THEY DIE! Sigh... They will nuke us and/or Israel first chance they get...