Monday, July 13, 2015

Thems that hast no sense of pride nor shame, just no pride...

  I was trying to figure out how the Confederate Battle flag got to be such a hot item, a topic of no discussion and just striking fear into the few of little mind and less history... how did the country go completely nuts?

  I mean, I don't have to have one, but I can't get one to show solidarity with History, an opposing view point, nor calm the fears of the feeble folks.  My Betsy Ross flag is perfect for all I am standing for, but really it is so close to the current American flag, few notice and if I had a circle of twelve stars with one in the center - fewer still would know that one, and if I put the Roman number three in the center only a few would understand but the fear factor would be fueled.

  But getting away from all the lies, and legends (don't want to promote Bill o'Reilly's books) I have long noticed the trend to bland out color... We once painted RED, Blues, and other vivid colors, fierce animals of long ago, mythical and marvelous on our steeds for battle, buildings and barracks and exercise areas... anytime we needed to hide mud and dies were around.  But in garrison we flamed and postured proudly, cause we were awesome!  Then would come a sergeant major that had read the regulations, a modern commander that wanted everyone to calm down and play nice, and the beige paint would start to blandly be rolled over the traditional tigers with big teeth and eyes burning bright.

  My high school was once sporting a hillbilly like Mountaineer with a jug of shine and a rifle and beard. Now, some bland ram - a male or transgender representing the sheep we were to become... so sad, a sheeple by nature... bah, bah, bah.

  So meaningful fighin' spirit has to be cartooned into comical, or bland and pastoral... sheep.

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