Friday, May 8, 2015

Wow! Friday, and I WIN!

  Visited the doctor, scheduled maintenance check, passed. Went to the YMCA to sweat a little, did same, showered and changed and met cousin and wife at steak house and spent three and a half hours talking, went home to see if the Factor was worthy, but I fell asleep so maybe I wasn't. Then my wife returned with a bunch of clams and oysters and I got up and maintained the yard, mowing everything green and above best. Then I actually loaded the Caravan out except for one rifle, everything else is on board, doors locked and I only need to put clothes on and on. Ready or not, Appleseed and Port Townsend are about to meet again.


  1. Hope the day went well at Port Allen!

  2. Hope the day went well at Port Allen!

  3. I was sure it was Port Townsend, did I type something badly? It was a great Appleseed and will be mentioned in dispatches soon.