Saturday, February 14, 2015

Taking a personal break before paying bills and filing tax return... which could be another bill...

  As I have gone over a year now with the pacemaker, I have remarked at various times to lots of people that I did not know how much I had been affected by the problem that the pacemaker fixed until I started to heal.

  As I am no longer a paid productive member of society but just another leach that has enough credit and plastic to get my way, and needing so little except entertainment and the library is already covered by my taxes so it is almost free. Anyway, as I got healthier, and things happen (like I decide to do something, and I go do it!) or I have to have the garage cleaned out by... or the telephone service done by... or get my business cards, Appleseed t-shirts packed up, or many things and still find some time to make it to the gym (or in my case the YMCA) and sweat and study yoga pants parading by...(really, I am only there for the sweat, I dimly remember what was supposed to be attractive about such fashion  -  but I am olde enough not too befooled and befuddled by them).  Seriously, I am starting to feel like I could handle a few more productive years of work - scary thought that might be if I start looking does it count against the number of un-employed if I filed for unemployment? Could I? There is probably a law against it.

  It just got me to thinking, that those in poverty, that adjust to their circumstances with aide and assistance from several layers of government that want to take care of their needs (and keep their important job secure and votes going for the political party of question) would be just like me - stuck in the rut in the road to nowhere. Sustained but not important nor productive.  The design is fixed and the bankers, politicians and those that want control, official or not official control like or even LOVE the design of that rut in the road to No Where, USA. 

  There is a lot of discussion in Europe about the new government in Greece, which was elected, and wants to change its relationship with the Central Banks about its outstanding loans.... let them default, stand on their own two feet and break free of the bondage to the bankers.  Maybe the Americas would wake up, too.  But the world is much like Earl with slow blood circulation - not really awake and aware. Afraid of going to sleep to wake to find the ship sinking - like 'All is Lost' (fine dialog, Robert Redford).  As I tried to convince my cousin that gravity is a constant and we can adjust to it, government support and proficiency isn't a constant and must be discounted, since they only help big people of power and the bankers.. always. Only God considers us equally.


  1. Those last two sentences are dead on the truth... Dependence on .gov is killing this country's greatness.

  2. Those last two sentences are dead on the truth... Dependence on .gov is killing this country's greatness.