Saturday, February 7, 2015

Once known as a nation of Riflemen... it was never really true, was it?

  So it is Saturday morning, and I am going shooting something... and there are other people interested going to Olympia for a demonstration against Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Conspiracy - you know the former Mayor of New York that thought big sweet drinks would cause the fall of his city, so he just made them illegal. Well he came back after guns, fooled many of the people and they voted their rights away - except if it is a right it existed before the law and can't be voted away... but then the whole law to be voted on wasn't presented, the author of the law (must have been part of a coven) wrote it so badly that now lawyers and judges will have to rule on something that flew in the face of the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

  This is all because the good Mayor has irrational fears and made irrational efforts to quell his fear. A second demonstration caused a stir in the elected officials that saw citizens carrying scary black rifles of some kind OPENLY into the viewers gallery to watch their elected officials - they were afraid, frightened beyond belief, and promptly dispatched the State Troopers to monitor the group, and passed some meaningless legislation declaring they were working in a gun free zone, except for: your great State Troopers, law enforcement folks, and those elected members and staff that were carrying concealed... or just like most gun free zones - criminals with intent. The fools have made enough problems with their Ninja Mall Rat gear and guns. So I will write a letter, which should be much more effective than parading around with elected officials that don't want my opinion, clutter or noise.

  So, I go shooting.  The range is less than two miles from my home, and I never knew it existed. Tacoma Sportsmen's Club Friendly folks, helpful, and I am looking forward to shooting this again in the future - just because I have no where to go but up. About a hundred rounds fired, I have some issues to work upon. Some pictures? Sure...

  You have heard that the United States of America was referred to as a nation of riflemen. Couldn't be that any more - the NRA is running around worried about votes in Congress and your home state - yes, they do teach rifle marksmanship and safety, and yes they do sponsor competitions and ranges. But they aren't building that rugged individual rifleman part of the American Heritage - only the Boers had as well known a tradition. No, when a cousin noticed I was posting NCAA rifle team completions on Face Book, he asked how many SEC colleges has rifle teams so I went to find out. SHOCK - hardly any, because you do know that rifles are scary things don't you? The list of competing colleges is only a wikipedia search away, or I can link it.

  I will have to continue to try and find the few, that would like to learn marksmanship, sixty dollars and five hundred rounds on a two day weekend, the Appleseed Project. I thought everyone was a rifleman, and it just isn't true - your circle of friends isn't like mine, is it? I feel so sorry for those that can't, and even worse for those that could but have been frightened back into their recliner in front of the cable by Mayor Bloomberg and his henchmen. Remember, if he has his way, no big sweet drinks.


  1. Slowly, oh so slowly we are coming back to that old ideal... The only question is will it be in time...

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