Friday, January 23, 2015

At 0200Z, that is Zero Two Hundred Zulu or 8PM Central Time Zone...

 Call in to The Squirrel Report, a pod cast... (you do understand I have no idea what a podcast is) and did I mention it is only on Thursday evening if the host, co-host and guests arrive? I called in last evening and left my two cents worth... it was all about me, although the topic list was right in front of my eyes.
Vinnie emailed me on the Revolutionary War Veterans Association forum, he really didn't like that my avatar was cut off by the software and so grabbed it, and modified it to make it great, so I thanked him, it wasn't more than an idea and I liked it and what he did I like even better, it is now again in the improved version my Facebook avatar - which means it is an official representation of me.

Having changed my avatar again, I then grabbed a picture of me shooting Ralph's 1903A3 in Custer, Washington, which was wonderful and before it was ILLEGAL to do so (pre-passage of I594), for my background. Don't you know I wish I wasn't so fat, until in the prone position cushioned on gravel? Yeah, then I don't mind.

  I need to get back on message, as I left the YMCA yesterday I called to one of my gym buddies, make sure you go shooting this month. I want to keep saying things like that in public, I want it to become a normal part of the conversation during the course of a week. Not something to be afraid of, and if you don't talk to the unknowing, uncertain and easily impressed by choice words and billions and billions of dollars the America, a nation of riflemen, will never return. More speaking up and in kind voice with the correct word choice there might be an opportunity to enlarge the not afraid of firearms community.

  If a person doesn't want to fire a firearm, that is fine, but they shouldn't be afraid of the firearm, I would like them to know enough to make it really safe or to get an adult to make it so. But then I don't believe everyone needs to fight in one of America's many conflicts, just know that they are going on and why. I also am getting positive that concentrating on the 2nd Amendment, instead of the entire Constitution and all the ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) is not effective and larger population is affected by the ten than the one.

  I am always going to be closer to anarchist than libertarian, because if the good choice isn't in your heart and mind, the LAW won't prevent bad behavior hurting others and their property. The law will only take more choices away from you if you pay attention to it, the best is to know right from wrong and do the right thing in all you do.  Wasn't that a Davy Crockett saying from Disney "Be sure you're right and then go ahead!" Will have to look it up, on my video collection of the same.

For sure, it isn't just for the police and military to know how to shoot very well, and to defend the political will of the politicians, it is for the people to know how to shoot very well, to be safe, and to make the political will of the Nation their own.

I like to see musicians, artists, authors, and poets working their skills and I want everyone to admire a great shooter, too. Not just the ones that have to fight, but the ones puncturing paper in competition or just practice for perfect on the local range. It is a good thing to persevere, to have patience and to perform to a point beyond expectations. Warms my heart, hope to see y'all on the range one day.

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  1. Practice makes if not perfect, pretty dang good! :-) And that Avatar is nice!