Tuesday, August 19, 2014

YMMV or AFAIK or SOS.... duh...

  I am not a text-er, so after a life full of FEBA, LD, JSOC and DZ,LZ, PZ... I don't really do alphabet words and sentences outside of limited professional need --- cause AAR might mean something else to one not in the know. But there are those that love to be in the know, and flaunt their knowledge constantly, as they make little grammatical errors or spell checker misses something. It is alright, Google search will bring me into the know - or I can make something up.

  Today is the expected delivery date of the rifle, happy sigh. It is on a delivery truck, put there in Dupont, WA, which is just down the road and I pass by there when I go to many of my Appleseeds. So close... and so far. I am reading a story about WWI, getting my mind set and delaying the waiting by filling my mind with something interesting and 'can be done in the privacy of your own home...'  Wasn't that a slogan from some long ago product?  On Facebook my friends and family have caught my comment about the wait...how did I get to thinking that was a real conversation? Hmmm.

I received a book, signed and the digital camo poncho liner. Changed the sling to a 1907 Remington 38407??, with lots of ammorer markings on the stock I will have to look up. Today is a YMCA loss... but I had best clean up the packing material from the reading room, shouldn't I. Cannot say Thank you enough.

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  1. Very nice Earl, and looking forward to the range report!