Monday, August 18, 2014

Trouble in paradise...

  I was very disturbed by the RWVA forum today, the word manslave was used... and I had enough problems with the junior high boy mentality that thought 'the floggings will continue until the marksmanship improves'. And that was on the official Instructor sweatshirts. Sigh.

  So if the California PC crowd that ruined Colorado and Washington States is going to take over the RWVA forum and make mockery of men, many for many good reasons do need mocked. Well, I don't have to be among the ones wondering where the 4MOA and three strikes got hijacked for silly stuff.

  I figured that if one is to build a country, or rebuild a country - you don't leave out important parts of the building blocks. You don't leave women out, you don't leave children out, you don't leave loners out -- everyone is welcome on the line or in the programs. So they do want to extend outreach - and will do Libertyseeds for those that don't shoot, but want to share the history of April 19, 1775. And they will help the National Guard with their marksmanship, and the Scouts, and others. And if there are women that would be more comfortable in a Ladyseed, they have those available, too. I don't work Ladyseeds, because I am a man, and I am not a 'manslave' any day of the week, and won't accept that from anyone. It would have been a game changer in the military - but then I always knew the officer corps had to be smart enough to know they couldn't do without me, and when they discovered they could - I retired.

  Getting older and crankier, maybe I should hibernate again. Is the program going to survive the lack of ammunition, the twisting of effort to make the RWVA acceptable to more folks? I don't know, it may not be worth considering. When I get cute on the line, I might not be as safe as needed, might miss someone not being the best shot they could be while their sling slips down their support arm... one needs focus, and distractions are only such, if I were in the rifleman's bubble I wouldn't hear the fools calling me names, would I?


  1. Changing 'history' to fit an agenda is never good... Please don't let them destroy what is a great program!!!

    1. "They" will not destroy a great program, for the simple folks like me want to instruct and encourage rifle marksmanship to the 4 Minutes of Angle, and tell the story of April 19,1775 so the heritage will continue. Every once in a while, we just need to remember the focus of the program, not get off to another track.