Saturday, August 23, 2014

Go to the range more often... sure

Friday, visit the YMCA, which is still cleaning up floors of the main courts and walking loop, and unsettling people set in their ways... so I just do a light workout of eleven point four eight miles, bike and rowing. Clean up and drive to Range 15, of Joint Base Lewis McChord. The ranges on either side have real Army units shooting pistols or M4s, and I can tell they aren't buying their own ammunition. They do shoot fast and even automatic, sounds good, hope they hurt the targets.

I am out for my first taste of shooting my Lady Liberty 03 A3, thank you Kool Aid and Remington. I set up to fire prone, in sling and advertising Appleseed, cause we need more shooters on our ranges.

I am using a 1907 leather sling, and the wind is coming straight at me, so extra staples in the target to hold the paper to the cardboard. I start with four rounds for zero, no time monkey, I have all day to get it done.
 The target says I am right and high, so I go Left four and Down two, and I am just learning the sighting system. I split the next four, but still want down two more, and I worry about my sling slipping down my arm, ought to do more biceps and triceps building (such an olde man). I am not wearing a shooting jacket (it is in the Caravan, I am lazy).

My next four are vertical strung and a touch to the right again, hmm,  I don't like that but don't want to change sights, think about changing shooter. Last four of the zero, right two, are all touching but a vertical string again, I am blaming working a bolt and the sling slip... that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I move the target from the twenty-five yard line to the 100  yard berm, and remove the sighting square target for a clean large target. I mark the inside holes with orange pasties so I know where the new holes are, and I go and fire four, prone with sling and no change in sights. I am happy for all except the final round which killed the nine on the target, my sling slips a bit and I think I could have had another ten, like I have ever scored my holes before, the other three are fine. Even counting my 'flyer' it is still a group that would take the deer or elk. If they would just stand still during hunting season.
 I move the target out to 200 yards, walking it out. Then running (okay, jogging gently) back to the firing line. Yep, I am the last shooter, but the only one to be shooting 200 yards. I will drive to pick up the target next time. And when I am going to do the hundreds in the future I will drive and get my jogging gently somewhere else. Could trip and fall in a mole hole or hill on this range.

Two groups of four, sling slip, dropping aiming point, one off paper low right, one low right above that one, three in a group and then three with more vertical stringing. I must, must, do more shooting long distance - and lock my sling and position when I am engaging the target... really.
More dry practice, more position practice, don't be too lazy to button up and wear the shooting jacket and watch out for that sling slip, slipping away. That can't help my technique. See how much I learn as I go to the range?  Hope you are getting  enough time on target where you are. See you on the trail!


  1. Looks like the old rifle shoots pretty well though! :-) That is a plus! And next time you'll be properly attired! :-)

  2. How fun to get to shoot such a classic! Nice work.

    1. And you never have the problem I did. Forgetting that it doesn't extract, eject and reload with the energy of the last round, however it uses it... I had to remember to work the bolt. It is a wonderful rifle and it is all new to me, getting some stripper clips and going the distance and smiling.