Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bean counters... what could we do without them? Much more... much...

Numbers are wonderful and often useful, but bean counters can get in the way. Sure I am certain that if you don't feed your army, don't have any arms and ammunition that it isn't going to always win. But having been soundly defeated by the media and the loving Left at home in America, I did notice that the Army deciding that it would win if the bean counters could tally up lots of VC/NVA bodies.... and that counting doesn't work. Does not mean they won't still try to score more before the period ends or the game is over... the numbers aren't worth dwelling on since the second half hasn't started - and someone is tired and hurt, and others think they are going to win big.

So if you are part of an effort, organization or cause - don't start using bean counters to tell you if you are winning. Honestly, you should feel good about the fighting, the struggle, the little victories, the improved morale, the bragging based on reality... bragging that only someone else that has been there understands. So if your church coffers are close to empty, and the parish pews aren't full - it doesn't mean you didn't save the one soul that the Lord needs for His work. If attendance is off at the theater, in your dinner or hot dog stand, if you can't get some help for the effort to cure some deadly ill of mankind - don't go to the bean counters, they can give you numbers, they can make reports, they can hire pollsters to help counting - and pay themselves well along the way - if you listen to them loud enough - they could give you a business model that really doesn't win battles - but it should have, just put some more money up and twist the product a bit this way or that... call it by a new name! And still you aren't winning, but the numbers say we should be, this has worked before - everyone knows our good intentions, it should be supported by all! The bean counters didn't keep the Continental Army under George Washington in the field. More beans would have been helpful. All the pretty uniforms and wonderful weapons and drill under General George McClellan couldn't win him a war nor a Presidency, but gosh he looked good, and the numbers said Lee had to surrender.

My point, especially in a volunteer (till their hearts burst with pride of success and joy of victory) organization, is keep it light - don't count wild numbers just praise for one more done well, because the next effort is going to be harder and the reward only comes to those that were there on St Crispin's Day. Not the bean counters, of the French or the home court.

I have the pleasure of telling all two of my faithful readers - that The Admiral: Roaring Current is a fine foreign film with great English subtitles. It is about a Korean hero Tan Gun Yi, Sun-shin -- there is lots of the History left out, both the Japanese and the Korean - although the hints of the political struggles of both nations is texture easily seen in the level of trust and demands of obedience... and it isn't for children, very well done battle scenes, properly blood drenched. The music if not distracting, but you can't hear birds singing nor crickets chirping. Like I said, I will own the DVD, it is that good. Even the best love story, works, although it is almost magical. If I had any real complaints, it would be that young Korean men have had enough plastic surgery and make up to make me wonder if they aren't really women. But then there are some real women and you can figure it out after that. No bad language nor sexual perversions - so it isn't designed for a decadent American public... just honest blood and gore and strange things like honor and sacrifice and duty.... no matter what.  Oh, I guess most current culture won't want to see it, not politically correct enough.


  1. Sounds like a breath of fresh air....pretty sick of PC

  2. "Honor and sacrifice and duty" truly a novel concept to those in power today... sigh... Maybe if we made this required watching for the adminstration???

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    1. Come on, Rifleslinger, you are just waiting to see if I will ever get it right with optics, and I am still playing with iron sights. But, very glad you are still here.