Sunday, July 20, 2014

So he is here, what to do now... well, get him off his bike...

   There are a couple of motorcycles on this street beside my own, which has a low to dead battery now, but they all rumble since they stir testosterone up, my brother's bike shows up quietly and politely. And he is wearing this glaring reflective yellow motorcycle jacket. I won't ask but that makes me believe he doesn't want to pass un-noticed as he rides to survive the folks not watching out for him. He rides much more, and has longer than I so what ever he is doing works.

   He got off the bike, we hung the jacket in the closet to brighten the world of the waiting not totally forgotten clothes that make us men.  A glass of water, quick discussion of plans for the evening, and we start talking. It is catchup time.. last time we saw each other was last Summer in Rochester Minnesota, for Dungeys and especially our aunt Velva. Which was my last long motorcycle trip, and pre-Borg pacemaker planting.  When I drop a note on Facebook about we are talking like two Dungey men will (non-stop) it got immediate likes from my cousins and family that know about trying to get a word in edgewise.. oh, how our ladies suffer (or laugh about that).

   We go off to the Men's Bible Study, where I lightly introduce him around, somehow he figures out we are all retired military, friendly and familiar. We discuss the lesson, reading Bible passages and pray, after singing three of the good old hymns. By final prayer time, any requests come out for others. Then we go to gather at the feasting table - which I am sure is more of a hook to a couple of the men than the Bible study, the food is always various, and good and seconds are encouraged, and still our wives will take the excess home. I got two apple pie servings with softening vanilla ice cream - perfect Summer night. More talking over food, more solving the world's problems while checking out how we have been since the last study, yes we do meet in church, but talking is difficult there, too much doing and going on. Say good-bye, back home and Wynn moves the bike to the street for parking overnight. Takes his stuff off and brings it inside. Another hour of talking when he announces that he is done at 11:03 Mountain time zone (home court time), He goes to bed and I go to the internet and then go off to sleep, too.

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  1. Time with family is ALWAYS time well spent! Enjoy the visit!!!