Saturday, July 19, 2014

My brother called from Spokane, only about five hours away...

 He is on his way, on his own trusty motorcycle - what a young fool is he... he had just finished Yellowstone with his son and daughter-in-law and is whirlwind touring. With good winds and smooth sailing he should be able to see both his sisters in Box Elder, SD. Folks from New York have no idea of the distances around the Great NorthWest and great plains... it is all flyover country to them. His home base is Aurora, Colorado.

  The weather is fine so only construction and traffic and tired will slow him on the way here.  I am having fun watching years of stuff, being unstuffed and marching to other storage spots in the home... always have needed motivation to move procrastination piles.  Two major thoughts emerge, I think I am watching an episode of Hoarders and my wife and I are really just two little old folks. When she was searching for the best linen to put on the guest bed I was sure we could have filled some more donation boxes for charity - I am always sure, she is always sure she can't let things go, we might need it.

  I find myself posting on Face book that I thank the LORD for my KNOWING that a soft answer turns away wrath, and amazed that I was so long married when I was still stupid. She is better than I.

Have burned enough hours and still he isn't here, but he is getting closer..

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