Thursday, April 24, 2014

The kitchen is closed tonight... did you hear me, yobo?

Ah, just more sweet nothings, yes, dear, I heard you. The kitchen is closed. I had a fine lunch at two, and have been nibbling and will knock out two Korean pancakes and I will stop eating long enough to nap, soon.

The rain has finally stopped a bit, the Sun is shining and I get to tell you how the Concealed Carry Permit renewal went. So smooth. First park and go to the Country Courthouse, where one gets the permit, or did ten years ago, and five years ago renewed at same. Go in the West doorway, where you may check your weapons and get a tag for pick upon your departure. No problem, metal items in that basket, weapons in this basket, walk through the metal detector. Easy, no conflict no problem. Then wander and find out that it isn't here any longer. Across the street in the 911 building. Okay, go back through gate, turn in check tag and get handed my weapons outside the metal detector. No questions, they do this daily.

Get a number for renewal of permit, fill out all the paperwork again, wait for call to show permit, photo ID, and pay 32 dollars for renewal and 3 dollars for lamination. I wash my wallet enough to believe in lamination. It will be coming to me in the mail in a few weeks - as soon as they check to see I am a fine fellow. Until then the current one hasn't expired. Civilization, is folks that use please and thank you. One customer was late on renewal, and the cost is more, but he was worried about keeping the same number. I never memorized mine but it is cool with lots of sevens and a pair of eights.

The car maintenance was fine, but they found more things to fix than I think I need this month, but the time is coming. If I win the Lottery I could buy a new car. If the world collapses I can walk when gasoline isn't around, or if the Chinese and Russians nuke us until we glow I don't need to worry.

I got myself a railroader's hat, it is cool. Just call me the brakeman.

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