Friday, April 25, 2014

Every day, starts again, and I am still in wonder...

Picked up some flowers, looked at the new greens growths in the evergreens, dogs barked, a black Caravan honked at me and stuck an arm out the driver's window to wave as I walked along.

I think about changing back to the regular fifty star flag and taking the First Rebel Flag with me (Betsy's best) to Coupeville. I do have to pack out this afternoon after I refuel. I was about to exit for the YMCA, but my wife asked if I could wait and take some food to one of her friends for Korean social/hospitality reasons.

The answer is 'Yes, dear.' with a smile. I could sneak off and read some more adventures in the kindle. Or print out the shoot roster for the Appleseed (done!). Family groups, only six of twenty have done an Appleseed before, six are youngsters. No one is as old as I am, so I get the honors of age.

I was thinking about what could I do that would be a good thing when the world falls apart, what value would I have for society that could get me fed. In primitive societies everyone has a part. There were a lot of people doing the things I laughed about when I went to the University of Miami in 1967 - Basket Weaving. Or braiding, or knitting, or net making and mending, or goose herding. Everyone had something.

I would probably want to be the librarian/story teller. I don't eat too much now and have a great attitude to questions about how come we do it this way. Rick Santorem just called me about how to Take Back America. But America hasn't gone anywhere, I don't own it, and we will get what we work for and what we give away proudly. I recommend Love, always love.