Thursday, April 10, 2014

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is His...

Everyone can identify the coin with the Emperor's face on one side, then assumes there is something that God has given us that we can return for His glory.... but what is that? Another assumption is that it must be a coin, since anything else has little real value (okay, animals for sacrifice - but blood is such a juvenile view).

Silly folks, all God has given you is your life. An opportunity to serve Him. Oh, you could get out of the exchange cheap if you recognize that God has given you Love, shown you love and only expects your love - then remembering that you love, then you would lay down your life for that love - and the price became too high and you want to go back to the animals, crops and coins with the face of folly on it.

Sorry, I insist you concentrate on Love as your medium of exchange - works better than any Gorilla Glue at holding families together and dear. It builds stronger bonds of community than jealousy and fear will. Yeah, keep working on it, spread it around, depend on it and allow it free flow. Love comes back, or maybe it just binds the tie.

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  1. Love does truly bind us... Nothing else performs that function as effectively... :-)