Tuesday, April 8, 2014

After midnight... and all the

Shucks! Seems like I have lost another chance for Appleseed Instructor glory in April, 2014. The Poulsbo range decided that there just wasn't enough interest in the six that signed up. So they canceled. In May there is the Port Townsend range Appleseed with room for those shooters.

So I begin to wonder if I am driving folks away. It wasn't so long ago that we had a pretty nice Appleseed at Poulsbo.  Like: Poulsbo WA Sept 14-15 2013. It was only a week before we would have Port Townsend, WA. Are we scheduling too many? Isn't there enough 22LR ammunition? Have we reached all the shooters that want to learn? Or are they all still trying to recover from a seemingly long Wet Winter?

In two weeks, I will be at Coupeville, twenty shooters, and I must nudge some more instructors in that direction, we have got to get out of the Winter and into the shooting cycle. Well, like I said, it is after midnight, time to think seriously about sleep. I have to seriously think about getting into hunting season, walking daily, exercising vigorously (passed my pacemaker check this morning), and shooting straight with bouts of tracking and hunting for finding targets in the natural settings.... fun stuff. Good night and God bless all our best, the government will tax and claim all the rest.


  1. Glad to hear the check went well! :-)

  2. Sorry, to hear the Poulsbo shoot was canceled. That is one of the closer ranges for me to attend. I'm impressed with the additional ranges and dates you've added just in the last yeah and a half since I learned of appleseed. I hope to make it to a 2014 event but am waiting for a drier month so that my wife would be more inclined to attend. The 22LR drought is discouraging though too, I've only been able to purchase 700 rnds of it this year.