Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dreams, or sweating the night away...

New pillows on the bed, Costco shopping stop by wife and friends. So I sleep just fine, to be awaken by worried wife since I am sweating while asleep. Some kind of cultural no-no, or just time for her to worry. I did the night before, too. So it isn't the pillows. I think I am rejecting the Borg adaptation, or feeling guilty about the lawn mower? I am not worried, still have coffee and wine in the house and more time to sleep.

Last dream was interesting, my parents attending -- seems my brother was correct, my paranoia is being noticed by the powers that shouldn't be. The Federales are closing in as they decide I am a bit too strange to trust in un-assisted living. Potentially dangerous, is a key term of their fears. My mother is for accepting the political correctness for the sake of her first child's future. Ten Thousand missing in Argentina the last time government got goodness graceless. Spooky.

Bit strips from Facebook. I am just digging up the French Drainage and find the ghost of long ago blogger, with the Librarian Death stare.

Went to the television as the coffee heated up, looking for the latest on the missing airplane and the Indian Ocean, found President Obama lecturing the Europeans on territorial integrity and honoring international boundaries. The Europeans wondering where he went to school, didn't they have any battlefields where one could remember how Napoleon rewrote the Old Order? So much to laugh at in that memorable speech, I thought I was on late night television stand up comedy.

Of important note, since I am very retired I have not concerned myself with filing my income taxes, I once was always finished by the second week of February, but I haven't even looked at them this year. Right after the grass attack, I must put the papers on record for filing. Most of what I hear about the IRS is how they have more to do as the nation gets ducks in order. The trials of the Federal Agencies as they attempt to modify choice, behavior and betterment... King George III would be so proud of his will his way.


  1. Hope you're not having 'issues' with the pacemaker Earl.

    1. I can't have issues with the pacemaker, they tried twice, if it doesn't work this time they need another patient. I will never be concerned by my sweating, my fainting, my throwing up nor my falling sleep during classes. Those are all part of my nature.

  2. The night sweats are likely caused by the medications you are now taking, particularly if they are recent. Check with your doc.

    Either that or you're going through menopause.


    1. Could be the electric blanket did not get turned off.