Saturday, February 1, 2014

Four data dumps, two calls on message machine...

I thought this monitoring wouldn't be too productive, my heart rate gets very slow when I sleep, my doctor gave me medicine to lower the blood pressure that would slow the heart rate down, and I was already lower than normal when I started taking it. To me this is not a problem. Worries the doctors, they think I won't wake one day - which I already knew, I won't awake one day.

Still, I have started feeling biotech, three monitoring pads, wires from each to the recorder sender and a Samsung phone, with only one app that I have to control. You do realize I am only in control when putting on patches, changing batteries and hooking up to the phone charger. I have never had reason to push the button for an event, but I can read the blue light, blinking slowly for gathering data (little EKG) and fast for data dump to the phone, phone connects to the monitoring business. The monitoring business sends the data to the heart doctor and his staff call and leave messages on my telephone - while I am out working out at the YMCA. There have been no 'events' at the YMCA, although some of those exercise leggins/pants are going to cause some heart failures (among younger people - old guys just smile).

The picture above is the English Language Ministry Village Men singing in the New Year, yes I do see the women and children, but part of them are the Pastor's family and make it look like there were more of us around. I enjoyed the singing, since I knew the words and the tune. Hope those watching the performance liked it, too.

I didn't go shooting today, thinking I could do some tomorrow after church, forgetting about the SUPER BOWL, which I remembered now and will make sure I watch, or nap gently through it in the rocking chair.
Isn't getting accustomed to being a really old man just peaches? There are many more folks with real problems, and take some time to see them, talk with them, if they are really old touch them gently, smile a lot and remember to pray for them. One old retired veteran did take his wife to see Lone Survivor, she went to sleep during it, he was amazed at the foul language (he has had two wars but doesn't remember that kind of talk, especially when every breath counts). I told him to read Blackhawk Down, there is a different culture and world out there, a very different one from ours.

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  1. Slow and steady gets it done Earl, and dry fire and range time give you peace and pleasure! Enjoy the game!