Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have new aches and test stuff to wear so blogs really light from me...

Think on this: Link to blog post      Oh, I am sure if you read any of my blog, you have an idea of what I think about mostly. But am back from the YMCA, where I worked out nicely, and my wife found her wallet missing, and she reported it. Then wanted me to worry over it, I said let us look at home first, then I will worry. Getting home I find my heart event monitor on the porch, and she finds her wallet in the bathroom.

God bless all our best, and forgive all the rest. Time is running out.


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  2. It is so nice that my siblings are catching up to me on bad short-term memory. I am very thankful K.C. found her wallet. Having had my wallet stolen in D.C., I can vouch for how much of a pain that is.

  3. Glad you found everything! ;-)