Monday, October 21, 2013

Notice anything a little clumbsy on the internet?

I tried to post the Moxee, WA 19-20 October link to the Appleseed forum on Blogger, and couldn't Friday evening, strange, thought I would have to ask the Help desk. Went off to the Appleseed and demo'd instructed and watched and talked. Got a half pint of Irish whiskey, good food and a solid nights rest on Saturday - how did that happen? Ah, nice people - the only way to be.

There is an after action report on the shoot. My take away is that I have spent five years on the Appleseed Trail, my first Appleseed was on that same range, different management and name, in October of 2008. I had the same Stevens target rifle, and my sights are really off, but look at those groups. Anyway, by Monday after another solid nights sleep, I could update my Appleseed Trail links, post pictures and couldn't get a like or two on Facebook, sometimes. I have a cousin riding the Peace Train, in Peking, China now. I am reading about the domestic return movement of the children of the baby boomers... everyone wants to put folks in boxes, but folks want to fool around.

I did drive out to clamming on Friday, that is different. Kind of a wife support activity. Having said that, two of the Bible Study men and two wives and one other lady taught me how to have fun sucking clams out of their sandy swamp at low tide. Since we used clam guns, it was still a gunny activity. Right? I got the benefit by having about two pounds of fried clams Sunday evening. I am so blest and lucky to be alive.

I just do think that this is worth sharing, especially since the country I wandered in and met with on Friday, Saturday and Sunday didn't meet Main Stream Media attention or note, we aren't a blip on the screen anywhere  - but there are many more of we than they know, we are just humble.


  1. I was OCONUS so the whole net was dog slow... After Razor Clams???

  2. Yes,
    That was the effort, and it was different.