Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Foggy cat feet...

Yep, read that poem once...

So I have done well, turned on the Blues, went and composted - lovely.

I went in the garage, and find the smell of drying peppers permeates the air, pungently,. is that enough p's?

I clean my rifle, roll my mats, drift my front sight, center the rear sight (took it off to look to remount it - NO!). Packed my shooters box to zero my rifle next trip to the range. Ready to go to the YMCA,

 That is enough for this day, thank the LORD and ask for those things only He can provide, cause I haven't got them for you. But you already knew that.

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  1. Oh... HATE trying to get the sights re-aligned... It takes me forever to get them right...