Monday, October 7, 2013

Not being wiccan nor especially afraid of ghosts...

my Halloween is always a children's holiday when they get to dress up and eat too much candy. Which is where I think it should always be, just for children. The churches seem to do more Harvest Festival stuff, still with masks and costumes and games and prizes, but no ghosts, goblins, witches and spooks (CIA and NSA not invited).

I have better ways to scare myself, I have been reading the End of the World Books, a bunch of them, one right after another, while the government that the Founding Fathers would never recognize sit watching the flames and fiddling on like one infamous Roman did... nothing really changes does it?

Each of the authors takes a different approach to what it would be like, all of them want the digital age to die immediately so everyone wanders around looking for a savior, a hero, a somebody to take charge and take care of us... since we couldn't do it ourselves. King George the Third needed the typical American voters of today to be his loyal subjects back in the day (1770- 1783) but that wasn't what he got.

Somebody named Jack would have to save us - he does in almost every fairytale, in our literature and the movies. Truth is that many somebodies have stepped up and worked with others to make life safe, better, and easier.  And change is difficult, my grandfather brought running water into his home, and my grandmother was embarrassed she didn't have to go out to get the water for everything like her neighbors did and her mother had forever. My grandfather wasn't named Jack, he was Will and he would work hard, fix stuff and make life better. Thousands of those folks back in the day.

What makes me soak up the terror of the collapse of the world as I know it, is that I see the danger, and notice that none of the fine folks in government, that will be responsible and certain it isn't their fault will do one thing to stop the coming failure of government. They have been pretending for years that everything is under control and as soon as they find something that isn't, they make a law against it or tax it or ban it or wallow in it off camera. But their irresponsibility continues to grow, and they never get serious about fixing that feature (character flaw? planned obsolescence?). 

Yes, I think one should not read books about chaos and destruction of civilization while the Federal Government exposes its inability to be civil and truthful and productive... could give me nightmares, where is that wine?

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