Sunday, October 6, 2013

And the meek shall inherit the earth...

I have heard that my whole life and long ago I was confused by the meek and weak, and thought that was the same.  But it wasn't.  Back about the same time I would fight because... well, I was a boy or young man and had nothing to show me that I wasn't supposed to fight, learn how to fight, and win the fights... Yeah, I know there were adults around that told me, in many ways and for many reasons that fighting wasn't that wonderful a thing.  But as a boy and a young man, it might be your only independent display of competence, courage and sacrifice - it might be the only way you could become a hero.

Often ignored, when young, is the winning the fight.  Christ really did understand how to win the fight. Master Morihei Uyeshiba understood how to win the fight, Buddha understood how to win the fight... but so many of their followers ignored their lessons or focused on the fight, not on the winning. You really can't win the fight by being a coward and surrendering, can't win that way. For the opponent will come back and peck at you again, you will know what hen-pecked chicken really means. You can't win the fight by attacking anything your opponent loves more than his life... really, you can't win that way. You can't win by destroying your enemy and thinking that all the other potential enemies are going to fear you... duh, as a young boy child that was a sure way to get the next one to get up and whoop upon you mightily. Those that are going to fear, will, but those that see your new wonderful status as CHAMPION, will get ready to attack and show you what defeat looks like. Some of those folks are really bad to the bone.

(for those thinking I might be trying to speak to the fools in government, you can stop reading here - but I have no message for those that can't be humble, so they are all so out of this blog)

No, I am concentrating on philosophy this day, and how to take what the LORD has given me and work with it. It has been said we are a nation of sheep, in the Soviet Union they would have said rabbits - the idea being that we are weak and afraid. The Gun Community, which isn't afraid of enough often enough, will hold out that the heroes with a firearm are the Sheepdogs, protecting the flock. Not a bad choice of one-upmanship, going from sheep to sheepdog. Dogs are pretty brave, and every working sheep dog I have met, and the ones without sheep even, are really smart and loving (not sure how much they love sheep, but they do care for them on command).

But sheepdogs are meek, and you are not called to be sheep dogs (really) you are called to be sheep herders, you are called to care for your flock. Your children, your elders, the lonely, the lost, the others that aren't strong, smart and able - those that will run or freeze in fear in the center of the flock, going where they will all be safe... herded by wolf pack, sheep dogs or shepherds - they are sheep. It is not your calling to change the sheep, to skin the sheep, to chain the sheep, poison the sheep. You get to lead them beside the still waters, you get to take them through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, --- no, I don't mean everyone is supposed to be a Pastor... I just mean that you need to win your fights, by caring for your flock and changing your enemy into your friend. The only way to win is that you love each other.

You have to be able to fight, to defeat your evil nature, to defeat evil when you see it, to sacrifice self for the love of the sheep, the sheep dogs, the wolves, for Man and God - knowing that you can't be defeated, means that you only have to work heroically - and praises all belong to the LORD. Only the hero can humble himself enough to be meek. Then he will inherit the earth. For those that foolishly proclaim that he will die and be buried in the earth, well, you will inherit the wind.

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  1. Well said Earl, thanks for this one! Good thing to think on!