Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How is the weekend? Memorable?

     So Friday starts with my cousin Ron and his wife driving down to ensure gravity doesn't win, as my wife was taking a tour to Seattle and their zoo.  The only challenge in the visit was not sitting down too long as we talked. We were joined by my returning wife, and had dinner and sent them home with The Pacific, video of the Marines war in the Pacific.

Gets us ready for Saturday, we will go to Patrick's home for Men's Bible Study, and our wives will prepare s feast. I showed off by carrying my own plate around the island in the kitchen with the food, leaving my cane behind. Go home and finish my day by watching Blue Bloods on UpTV.

Sunday, up to greet the day and worship our Lord in fine company, Vacation Bible School training was held after lunch/Doughnuts and coffee. Rice and side dishes were there for lunch, although it wasn't enough, I was given some last slices of watermelon. They aren't back to pre-Covid thinking, the adjustment is ahead.

Monday was watching Band of Brothers and remembering we knew folks that had lived through that war. 

Many are passing quickly...

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