Thursday, March 14, 2019

As I await my appointment for another medical procedure....

  I spent last evening hooking up my new shoulder holster and thinking bout Appleseeds this year. Haven't scheduled myself, since I am awaiting the results of more medical knowledge about myself than I ever wanted to know. Need to contact the VA, and get them on board as I seem to fall apart right before my eyes. Not really falling apart, just feels that way. Medical adventures.

   Does seem to coincide with my trashing on the multi-player game, I keep forgetting how weak I am currently, so I just changed my avatar to an old, really old version. My efforts to rebuild power and strength are hampered by my self delusion of power and greatness just two weeks ago.

   Woke from a dream of taking a young man to the shooting range, could put that back on my calendar. I terminated my Sunday school and AWANA coach positions until I am resolved to be a great one. The children don't deserve distracted adults as teachers. I am sure I will miss them more than they will miss me.

   Can't eat, drink coffee nor lots of water... I will ponder the world news on Japanese Public Broadcasting.