Sunday, August 13, 2017

I know where I stand and you are wrong...

   So two groups of people urged on by media madness, to confront each other over the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Three people die and that is wrong. I am with Robert E. Lee, who never thought he should be so honored. His idea of honor was much more basic and real, and he lived his entire life as if he knew what mattered.  I think that he really did.

   But the rewriting of history will never change, and so who he was and what he did and stood for will be a point of contention of groups of people I wouldn't want to be associated with.  God loved him, and he was blest, but he suffered more than most because he couldn't save all he thought was worth fighting for... Just like I have said, I know where I stand and you are wrong. But we have all been wrong before, I expect we will all be wrong again. God still loves us more than we deserve.

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  1. You are correct in that A) this event is partially media/establishment drive B) neither of the clashing groups are "American".

    This is the nature of what the establishment, those who wish to destroy America, desire! They want the fringe groups to define the debate in this country. This polarization is necessary to justify the stripping of this country from her rightful owners, "We the People...".

    The KKK (which is an extremely small group, in numbers) is actually funded by the same people who are funding the Antifa groups. As BOTH groups are needed for the transformation which the political elite desire for this country, being a move toward a communist/fascist run nation state.

    The aggressors ALWAYS dictate the rules of engagement in these such battles. The aggressors in America are the political elites, the establishment political hacks who are lustful of more power and control.

    As is ALWAYS the desire of these sorts, violence is the call of the day. They only hold bad the violence when they feel it won't advance their goals. The moment they feel they can seize power via force and violence, they get bloody, quickly.

    As soon as the power elites get enough Americans to side with one of the polarized groups, they will unleash the violence to wipe them both out, and justify their use of force to reform this country away from our Constitutional Republic.

    The solution? As always, information, enlightenment of what America and American Freedom and Liberty are...and for good men to not "do nothing".