Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There are some great ideas generated by the campaigns that neither candidate will live up to...

   I was teaching something in Sunday school, first word I used they wanted a definition for (fifth graders) Affluence, and I spelt it wrong. But I was amazed they didn't have it as a base word in their vocabulary... they see daily, just going through their backpacks and parents' automobiles, they know affluent and affluence.

   Then I was also teaching about the tower of Babel, and stressed how important it was that they learn a second language.  He who does not know foreign languages does not know anything about his own. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Kunst and Alterthum. Sounds so much better in German, or Deutch. :)  

  This isn't about the election, it is about America.  And no matter what the NRA says, the cause is Liberty not freedom, and they aren't the same word. America was founded by breaking away from England, keeping the language with rights to change it, and some some love of law, from, by and for the people.  Immediately, there were power grabs and defaults of debts and responsibility.  But we are better than that.  Most of us down here in the fly over country (and everywhere is flyover country anymore) have much higher values on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - but the government seems to taint, corrupt and find convincing ideas to make all of us miserable.  Wondering how it could be so wrong, not seeing the people behind the bad and stupid behavior of our, OUR elected representatives.

   Well, I am convinced that government, an institution, does not love the people.  Maybe governments can't have love for anything. The governments do seem to have survival instincts.  And they want to grow, and be more powerful and definitely in charge and paid attention to... I still remember Microsoft getting the treatment from Congress, cause Bill Gates and company hadn't bowed down and sent gifts. I always thought Mr. Gates should have called for inspection of all the government computers and found all the unlicensed copies of Microsoft programs on government computers... it would have been interesting.  My point is government is about power, centralizing it and holding it against all others.

  And the folks working for the government hardly ever have a great idea, they always fall back on force to make sure things go the way they want them to, and the people hardly ever know the people behind the need to make things happen. A layer of underemployed but overpaid lawyers and former public servants muffle any outcry of complaint about somethings that stink at the local level but are too far away from the media and the powers that be enriching themselves.

   So tomorrow, people will be elected to offices, and none of them are leaders - they could be leaders, but most Americans will go their own way always.  Serving in office means just that - serving.  Not ruling, there isn't any ruling without nobility and kings, there is service, and it is supposed to be public service.

   I would love to have: government out of the way of progress, Americans will invent a better way. Government regulations hardly work, because smart folks are paid well to get around the stupid obstacles in the way of progress. 

   I want the same classification on the government forms that the IRS demonstrates so well. There is no block for racial identity, because money doesn't care.  Should be the same on everything else the government does... no block on racial id.

Stronger together is true, and only those that want to divide us, are looking to control our participation. Do your own thing, liberty demands it.


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  1. Reminds me, I need to work on my Spanish... Sigh...