Saturday, September 17, 2016

I have been trying to get this out for days...

  I go to the YMCA for a place I can sweat and pretend I will get ripped. Okay, I no longer am concerned about looking as good as those they hire upon the media - what those men and women look like is all part of the illusion, not a reality. Yes, they can be in most excellent health and at the peak of their athletic ability but Tom Cruise is still short. Good actor but vain and arrogant and short.

  One of the better parts of going to the YMCA is talking with the other old guys, we are constantly solving the world's problems and enjoying the tales of yesteryear in wars and service in foreign parts. No WWI vets, but we cover WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the later adventures in failed foreign policy. We also have people that just want to talk a little about anything without getting into an argument. Hmm, not a bad place to do that.

  Still, I get more out of listening to the stories, tales and ideas I would never hold with than I do from watching the media presentations of what they want me to view for their upcoming commercial interruptions. And you know there are hours and hours of ideas I would never hold with in MSM. So if you are worn out and discarded by the world, do go to the YMCA, you may find similar folks just happy to tell you a story and listen to your own.

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  1. You're also getting the unvarnished truth as those folks see it. I'm betting that is a LOT closer to reality than the MSM!