Thursday, August 11, 2016

Time to replace the old RWVA cap...

   I had so much fun with the crew instructing the Civil Air Patrol cadets, all 21 of them, although I only really worked with eleven of them on the right bay.  They looked mature and professional in the woodland camouflage uniforms I had stopped wearing in 1995, with shiny cadet ranks insignia on their collars. Well spoken and polite I could almost forget they were only youth, and since there was no obvious horse play and they were paying attention.

   Only one AQT (Appleseed Qualification Test) on the first day, and one on the second day, the last half of the second day was spent shooting for their NRA score on their discipline. They can wear what they earn on their CAP uniforms. As one young cadet told me, this was only her third day of shooting a firearm, glad she was training with us, a very good start. A few had been shooting longer and more often, but this was a good opportunity to advance the marksmanship and firearms safety.

  Since all instruction except the KD (known distance) was given and practiced they have a fine start and will come along nicely in the future if they have their own rifle and ammunition and attend an Appleseed. I am looking forward to it.  We told the three strikes of the match, and the dangerous old men stories.I decided to upgrade my Red Hat, we should use my old ones to help illustrate the difference in the officer's redcoat and the enlisted men's.

   The preparation for the Port Townsend Appleseed began as soon as I returned home, all the clothes are washed and ironed. Two copies of the COI (Course of Instruction) are printed out with the Checkin Sheet.  After I get back from there I will be preparing for my surgery and recovery, time does fly when having fun.


  1. Thanks for stepping up and doing the instruction Earl. Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery!