Monday, May 16, 2016

Well, back to normal - awake in my own bed and not having to get up...

  I have had a great Appleseed weekend, at Port Townsend, teaching marksmanship, history of April 19, 1775 and helping America gain two more Riflemen qualified citizens...

  My Facebook account shows me a memory posted from 2010, same time in May, but it is at Wade's DAR in 2010, look at the people, no shade nor popups, equipment line right behind the firing line, lots of shooters lots of fun. But HOT!

  And when I posted it, I did mention that I hadn't cooled off until arriving home to the shades of those tall trees behind our home. This weekend was cooler, I had forgotten to bring my sweatshirt or shooting jacket or sweater (travel light, freeze at night) , also seems I hadn't had enough water to stay healthy.

  During in processing, there wasn't enough effort to putting name tapes on the shooters, day two we fixed that.  All instruction presented, one AQT on Saturday, about five on Sunday. Two Riflemen patches earned and presented. All shooters progressed very well. I was really proud of how far Dylan had come from his first to last AQT, steady upward progress, as he grows into his rifle he will make a mark. Gabe did well, but he was distracted his concern for his son and still learning that all his body parts affect his shot, when he got off that support foot toe gravity steadied the position very well. I expect his next Appleseed will be the one he earns a Rifleman patch. I did forget to mention video taping your shooting positions and techniques for later review.

  Lucas had a coach and competition, Lisa providing an excellent opportunity for the crew to find out if we were reaching the shooters, she was listening and practicing exactly what we presented and enjoying the events and the people. Our second Rifleman patch was earned on the second day, but she hadn't been with us on Saturday much, so I think everything she knew and practiced was all from Appleseeds and instructors in her past and just the desire to show Dad what she could do, and she could do, definitely.

  It is always a bit unsettling to hear your name mentioned as being some how responsible for someone's start in the Revolutionary War Veterans Association or Appleseed Project, but I did hear it. Seems I am remembered, and I always think reputation becomes bigger than the reality if embellished enough. When they mentioned the You Tube video I almost blushed. Still I am happy that I have been a member, off and now steady on, since 2005.  And that I can continue to make a small contribution to making America the very best it can be, in Liberty under the LORD.

  No pictures at the range, although long before lawyers there are some old Appleseed pictures and links on the left side of my Blogger site: Earl's View, focus on the front sight. So I give you a picture of the Marina where three of the crew and a shooter slept on a boat.  Everyone helps out in many ways, to promote the program, make coffee and danish happen by breakfast and to just speak well of the efforts, I am so thankful there are so many that Seventh Step so well with such great results. Hope to see y'all on the trail or another Appleseed, one day.


  1. Thanks for once again stepping up Earl!

    1. Always a pleasure, and a former priest asked for a one minute history of April 19, 1775 because he wondered what the big deal was. I went a minute and a half and never covered Lord Percy, boy that was quick.

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