Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sleepless... so get up, stop thinking about it...

  Only so many hours of rest required, and you have been living in a sitting position only exercising your eyes and mind... you don't need more sleep.  So you finally get up, since all your thinking was about how wonderful you are going to be today after you get up... like that will happen.

   So you go get your naked weight, take your blood pressure and your medications and supplements, then start working on the current bills with a hot cup of yesterday's coffee. Bill paying is fun, only two today. Post checks and charges in the Quicken software - just reinforcing the news noticed yesterday - during 2016 the mortgage will be paid off, since last years principal payments were more than the remaining principal I have permission to die off in 2017, my wife won't need me.

  Still very cold and dark outside, little things finished here, will wait for the Sun and read away some more time.


  1. Getting rid of the mortgage will be a HUGE relief, I'm sure!

    1. The goal is always not to owe anyone, bank nor institution... that would make me one of the one percent that owns the remainder.
      Then I will have to work on being nicer.