Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young

Title taken from Facebook comment about my new hooded sweatshirt, which costs so much but was delivered to my mailbox and I am very happy.

     I had too much time to think at the YMCA today, they moved all the old working weight machines out to bring in new improved weight machines since we weren't becoming bulked and ripped well enough already, having seen the vast improvement in the rowing and Expresso.com bicycle machines, I hope the new improved machines will encourage me to start using them again.  One only hopes, what happens is still to be determined.

    Now about the rebellion of the governors against Syrian Refugees, if they cannot have marriage defined by the states, they can't determine which humans they allow to live in their states either, until they break the law.  Then the folks get to charge them, judge them and execute them if they earned it.

    I imagine I will be just as willing to shoot my enemies from another religion as I am to shoot my friends from the same religion.  I haven't a racist bone in my body - if I were willing to have sexual relations with women from any race I am certainly willing to marry women of any race...

   Now, no matter what ever happens with the President Obama, or ISIS, or any terrorist or the media or the rich and powerful elite, hidden and in the open - I will always make up my own mind and be responsible for all my own actions.  I hope all you real Americans will be also.  The FBI and other folks have a long list of folks to be watching right now, am I on it? Don't care, they have enough to do badly... Remember the same security forces for the President, the country, the states, the counties, the townships and other municipalities all work for the powers that be. The broken VA Health system is just as effective as the broken Education systems, and the broken Immigration Systems, and the broken Border protection, and the broken Drug Enforcement system... all government goodness graceless done so wrong. So if I want educated, I read more, I ask questions and I ponder and practice... hmm, notice didn't see the government in that... of course I have used the government to aid my quest for Sainthood, but they don't really work in religious endeavors.

    Since I am convinced that no one, borrower nor lender, ever expects the National Debt to be paid off or even down - I know the fix is in.  The terrorists are going to come, they are going to be home grown, too.  Not that I care much, I am wiping all my ammunition with bacon greased fingers, I am making sure any body bags I have issued to me are lard coated so the body and blood can be cleaned off for recycling the bag for later use. When a new layer of lard will be used to prepare the body bag.


  1. "I will always make up my own mind and be responsible for all my own actions." Amen to that... And yes, they are coming here, or are already here...

  2. The simple solution to the "refugee crisis" is for muslim, middle-eastern countries to take them. Trouble is, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others, who can certainly afford to take them in and have the space to put them, don't want them. Why would the refugees want to come to the US, where they don't want to assimilate, when they could go to another country with the same religion and culture? And another thing...why are the same people demanding we let these people in with no effective vetting (background checks) process but insist that all Americans undergo background checks in order to exercise a Constitutional right? Hmmmm...time to start buying bacon.