Saturday, October 24, 2015

These United States of America...

   I have been reading Doctor Ben Carson's book A More Perfect Union . A fine book with solid ideas, since it is based on the most successful Republic of modern times.

   I will liken the America I know with the man, the fat olde white one, I see in the mirror.  Because we suffer from the same foolishness.  We got fat, sure we told ourselves we were just doing more, getting stronger, buying the right clothes, getting the good stuff for the table and the home and the family... but we got fat, the teeth rotted and the hair fell out.  We got high blood pressure, which is a risk factor, and treated it and so lost lots of the glandular functions which make for new problems.  So maybe the government did something similar and it will hurt in the long run, won't it? We have two cars, four monitors for cable and computer, a cell phone and a regular phone and can come in on the computers.  So too much information, and since I can reach out and contact people in foreign nations - I think that I am in control. Just like those government officials in the DC area, the ones that can't keep drugs from the streets and can't trust the population to be armed.

   Until someone decides that we go back to the smaller Federal Footprint on our necks, pays down and off the debt, and gets rid of the fat that makes us no longer fast and nimble... we are going to die.

   You want a fast growing economy, get the government out of it. Business and Capitalism work better than any other system.  Reports from Denmark are interesting, but Hamlet isn't a prince there, any more.  The original Republic worked well too, but then it got older and fat. Not the man, nor government they were meant to be.

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  1. We need to get the country turned around and headed toward that lean and mean mantra that made us great. Otherwise, our kids and grandkids will be mourning the corpse of a once great country and wondering what happened...