Friday, October 30, 2015

Okay debate analysis...

  I watched another debate, and sure enough, I have noticed finally (I am slow about stuff) that the opponents are the candidates and the moderators, that is the two sides with agendas.  The moderators have to promote drama and interest - this last debate was against the World Series, and all the professionals were wearing uniforms with total fan involvement. The amateurs were in suits in indoor comfort in Colorado. That they were amateurs was pointedly pointed out by an off his rocker sitting governor from Ohio, the too long sitting governor of New Jersey was running for Presidential Office as to be considered highly for Attorney General with a possible Supreme Court nominee future. Doctor Ben Carson is concerned for the nations' moral health while the survivor of the Clinton political machinery was proposing making big changes in how the Federal government conquer big ticket health killers.

   It is good there are so many different ideas on stage, one size fits all is the bland beige Democratic Socialist Party poop and no one wants to step in it. 

   Did it make my mind up? Nope, there are several people on that stage and would do a better job of the President than the opposing party... but we will have to wait and see what the folks behind the curtain will allow to lead us... cause you do know the fix has long been in, don't you?

  If I believed that Jeb! and Marco liked each other enough, Jeb! striking out at Rubio's poor attendance record on votes were because Jeb! is saving his best for later when he gets anointed by the Establishment Olde Foggies, and boosting Marco's poll numbers and performance opportunity for the night. Jeb! reminds me of the student that has everything except true reason for living and a solid sense of his silly, and then has no standing in the clique because everyone is playing by different rules they make up as they go, which is just not fair to someone that is given every opportunity and still is boring.

   I will point out that the difference between 2011 and 2015 is four years, and the Republicans were not well served last time by too little choice, and this time don't seem well served by too many choices, but I was involved last time, since I thought I could really make a difference... I know so much better now. Aside from very real voter fraud, which has been prosecuted for the last two years from that last election, and is still on going --- to all the fast stuff the GOP did to the TEA Party and the tea party to produce Romney and Ryan, who were never ever going to win against the Real African-American Peace Prize winner, there was never a doubt the fix was in, and the lack of real honor in the political classless folks means to me it will happen again... and war games on the computer give me a more satisfactory victory. Like every day on the range is better than an hour on television viewing.

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  1. It's going to be a long year... No question... and one wonders what ELSE we will see between candidates...