Friday, July 10, 2015


   I got all the myths, the classical ones from my Mother and the local library while I was growing up. I knew who Hero was, many today don't. But then there was still the word heroine around.  So I got Greek, Roman, Norse myths and legends, to King Arthur and a Thousand and One Nights.  I even got to read a book about Little Black Sambo, which was about a very smart boy in India and tigers.

   Not being too concerned about race at my tender age, I couldn't see the way others did, as they twisted things to make everyone worse, or perhaps feeling better - but it was always out there. The idea that one group, spokes person, or idea had more merit than the others is how culture is defined. Mozart over Beethoven?  Waltz over tango? I did note carefully the racial purity nonsense of the NAZI party, but it was just as accepted in America as Germany. There seemed to be lots of scientific research, publications and authoritive scripture from learned academics spouting similar nonsense.

   But people are of very short memory, if it didn't just happen, well - there doesn't seem to be any evidence that what I just said isn't true. So, hundred and many years later someone says something, and because they are important or current - what they said is true. Be it Climate Change caused by man, the Evil in being offensive or the suffering of being offended. IT MUST BE TRUE.

  The people swayed by such things are all lost, have no standards, and can't tell a truth from the lie. So sad they aren't thinking. Little logic, no lively discussion of points of view -- I remember learning so much more at the evening dinner table with Mother, Father and my siblings, and visitors. Adult conversations, imagine.  This is only my memory, not one survey completed, poll taken, nor written record survives, so in fact this is my personal Mythperception.

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