Friday, June 19, 2015

your America is just so evil, bad, frightening and soon to die from suicidal tendencies...

  We watch the news and we all feel the pain of death and destruction, and if the news wasn't enough we watch comedians tell racist jokes, or bad jokes in poor taste, or we just say 'everyone says it' as if that were okay. Everyone being a quorum. Or our entertainment if it isn't soft core sexual romance, or hard core almost pornography, or action movies which mean killing forty-two bad guys in ninety film minutes while telling the tale of a dying spy trying to re-establish a love life with his wife and daughter, a family love with the daughter.  America is a terrible place.  Except it isn't.

  Yes, there are some terrible evil people in America. There are some terrible businesses, there are some scientists that publish their best work, which doesn't stand up to peer review. There are some really drunks in America, some strung out dope addicts, there are people you never want to meet, places you never would want to work, and certainly you wouldn't move into 'that' kind of neighborhood. There are pastors that stray, flocks that get fleeced and everyone knows about 'that' church and the type of worshippers whispered about there.

  So sad, that isn't my America. In my America they aren't afraid of guns, bad guys and poor folks. In my America, they do the best they can everyday - no matter what is on the news, who just died, and who was born. In my America they don't fit a category, not a single category, because they change as fast as the wind in Oklahoma or as slow as the ice in Alaska. In my America they find their truth and live it, every day, they believe others are always going to be doing better and bigger things than they will, because they aren't proud just persistent.  In my America, most aren't as intelligent as I am, but almost everyone is more loving and connected to others, I have a lot of work to do on my shortfalls.

  In my America, a smile and a real laugh shared, is more important than that often cited number from Wall Street - pick your favorite.

  In my America, there are troubles and there are things to fear, but there is so much more that is honorable, good, kind, brave, cheerful, thrifty, clean and worshipful - in my America there is more to be thankful for than there is to flee from, or complain about.  Now, I hope you are living in my America, or coming to visit, because I want good things to happen to us all.  Be with the LORD.


  1. I wonder if our America still exists Earl... The left seems bent on destroying everything we spent our careers protecting...

    1. They having nothing better to offer, are envious of real people being happy, healthy and wandering around in Liberty, so they will never stop trying, they are so lost.