Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meetings of minds...

  So day two of YMCA in April, and still doing light workouts, between exercises I say hello to one of the regulars and another man spots my Rifleman t-shirt from Fred's M1A Stocks, and he asks if I like shooting. Which gets me to expounding on how wonderful I am and the RWVA and Appleseed and the next two weekends traveling to clinics in Idaho and up in Coupeville. I even take him to my locker and give him my business card and a trifold.

  Then I go to the bicycle machine to do 13.5 miles, while there another rider says hello and some stuff about exercise, he talks to a girl and an older man and the second is a long conversation and he isn't pedaling by this time I have knocked out 15 minutes of my ride.  When he does get started he gets a three point something trip and away. So then we talk, about exercise and talking and spirit and doing good. I think he is practicing his preaching, since I am the third in a line of conversations and there is a thread there he is sharing. Nice way to spend the forever on the bicycle, even if it is my favorite trail.

   By evening I am testing computers and so I call a cousin in New Zealand, it is about tea time. She gets off her device and we chat a bit, and sure enough in comes the tea for tea time. And that was a cool thing, and I got to meet some one that almost knows something about me, since she had been reading some of those weekly letters I had thrown out in email chains to keep my mother connected. Those did seem like the good old days.

  So I close down a bit, and start watching the Lego Movie, but missed a large chuck of it due to falling eyelids.


  1. Conversation does make the exercise go faster!!! :-)

  2. Conversation does make the exercise go faster!!! :-)