Friday, April 24, 2015

Life as rated ...

  I have been watching too many movies, and always love that there really aren't any ratings for movies I have long loved and have seen many times before.

  But then I grew up in a G rated era, oh the language would slide into PG-13 when the ten year olds were still figuring out how to cuss up a bit. But in public if you didn't want to thought mentally challenged you just didn't use vulgar, profane or obscene as communication nor for filling voids in your thoughts.

  Romance was more G rated than R, the idea there was an X out there to cross was not to be on the list to ponder. If it was a brief discussion of how many of the graduating Senior girls were still virgin, the thing I was amazed about was that anyone really knew - I had no interest in asking for the truth, I was content that all women were to be treated as ladies, even if they were never going to raise themselves to that level. And as I matured and the culture diseased and rotted, my definition of lady matured with my appreciation of true feminine virtues - I was living in a heavily male environment, just a voice on the radio became sensuous and to die for.

  Before becoming a professional state sponsored killer all my fighting was G rated. Even carrying and studying how to use a knife never made me use one in a fight, it just was on that list of don't kick the man when he is down rules of conduct. All life and limb combatives are at least R, and mass destruction is always X, and being olde means I don't have to go there anymore, everything I could do will come as a complete surprise - to me as well as those engaged and observing.

  Some will argue that X rated lives matter, but I am actually sure that there are more G rated people's lives than there are X, but they don't seem to make profitable story lines for media promotion. I took my wife and we watched Woman in Gold, the movie theater was fuller than most of the movies I normally attend, hmm and most of the audience were old folks like us, and the movie did mention the terrible things the governments did under the NAZIs and since. But then you knew that governments can't be rated X, since they have no soul and believe in only their own divinity.

   Humans are only one type of primate, the more hairless variety, with some humans being a lot less hairy than others. The best type of humans are humble and humane and far above the common animal everyone is - living in G rated with ones eyes open to improving that might be a great thing.


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  2. Sadly, many today don't WANT to improve... They just want to take their handouts and jeer at the rest of us that work to provide for our families...

  3. Like the monkeys in the zoo, free food, free medical and a fine set of folks working hard to keep them entertaining and healthy.