Friday, April 3, 2015

A particularly Good Friday

Good Friday, a very good day to remember what government is all about. Remember Jesus was crucified today long ago, and with all the college education and historic references I often wonder how it becomes that humans don't see that nothing has changed, unless their heart has.

So there is a group of fools that want the mob and the church and the government to bend to their will and their way. Doesn't matter what the group is, doesn't matter about what they are called, doesn't matter what their point is... they will not be different from the historic normal. They will destroy all opposing voices, no matter the logic, the science, the faith, the kindness and goodness - they will destroy all that show another way.

The groups and peoples that they must destroy are following God, believing in eternity, and working for love, selflessly, join them or attack them, the stronger their beliefs the more they will resist the government and those that seek to destroy them. And all they should be doing is loving their oppressors more and praying for them, and living an example that is based on their leader, who died at the hands of a government without a soul, without a heart in perfect political posture. Good Friday, and nothing seems to change, except your heart.

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