Thursday, March 12, 2015

So the nation is late... really, others have done it before...

I have heard it over and over, repeated by women that I thought were smarter than that... 'I would vote for Hillary, because she would be the first woman President.' - well, I have been wrong before, they aren't smarter than that. The current President of the Republic of  Korea is a woman, with a mad man just across the DMZ with nukes, delivery systems and historic reasons to go to war.  So the United States won't be the first, India had one, the Iron Lady of Britain was a Prime Minister of note that freed the Argentinians. The current Chancellor of Germany is a woman, holding the fragile European Union together.... No, women have taken positions of power and done well. Mister Clinton, husband to Hillary, spent his opportunity leading a California airhead astray, so I am not sure why anyone that couldn't function as a wife will do any better as a LEADER of the FREE WORLD. (I know that is just media hype, but I love rubbing their faces in it, and no, I won't follow).

   I left off the discussion the number of women in positions of power in Europe before modern democracy showed up. Frederick the Great (?Prussia) said something about his power was absolute and effective if he wasn't beset by three women (Russia, Austria, France) during his time. Elizabeth the First wasn't the fine lady Elizabeth the Second is, but either is so far above a Hillary. And I know there are thousands of real, wonderful women, that would be worth following or allowing to be the Chief Executive of this nation, that could do the job better than most men, but they aren't in the media spotlight - that glaring one that hides all the scars and secret emails sent and received - do I think the NSA data compromise should have been just a tad later? Nah.

   It could really be that Hillary would become President because - the old boys in the backroom think they can handle her, or that the media doesn't want to go the extra effort to really investigate all the corruption of the Clintons in Arkansas and the White House and how come she couldn't defeat the Obama myth with real facts and actions in the primaries. It could be the reason the old grandmotherly lady, like President Reagan, is just going to be elected for the smell of fresh cookies from the oven - even if Martha Stewart has done more cookie baking than Hillary. One look at Hillary, and grandma comes to mind - not your nor my grandma, but you get my idea. COOKIES!

  It isn't bad to be thought an older woman, a cookie baker. Golda Meir was extremely effective, but a long personal career in politics. Hillary couldn't come close to that kind of commitment 'what difference does it make?' such a thoughtless American view from self above the world...  There is even a woman in Argentina in charge now... rumbles are that she is ruining the country, but men have done so in the past, so things happen. 

  In the end, I do think Hillary is smart enough to become President of the United States of America - because most of the voters -  that aren't voting more than once, or just from the list of the dead, or walking Zombies - those other voters are just not caring, some one has to be President so it is her turn because...
They are too lazy to get out of their personal comfort zone and find a much better candidate and get her elected, the Republicans won't find one of their own women to lift up for consideration (leading from the rear was invented by Republicans in the 20th Century). I liking conspiracy theories, think the whole idea of Hillary for President is to get as much money in her political coffers so she can take it and run the country from behind the curtain and pretend she is still a player.

  After sixteen years of the last two Presidents - it doesn't really matter to me - the political parties are the same coin on different faces - and both of them want to CONTROL the rest of us - not represent our views, values, and voice in the hollowed Hallow Halls of Congress. We the People just don't go to Washington, D.C. with money, women and favors to keep their attention from the Big Money folks  - yes, and both of those sides of the coin take it from them. 

   What a waste of words, for my two readers, but I can haul the M1 out, put a 1907 fine leather sling upon it and work out what might be Fixer's problem with his rifle and positions. Y'all have a wonderful day with the LORD. Ya hear?


  1. Hillary can't hold a candle to Margaret Thatcher on her best day... And electing her would doom this country... IMHO...

  2. Hillary can't hold a candle to Margaret Thatcher on her best day... And electing her would doom this country... IMHO...

  3. And there are a one hundred and thirty million humble opinions out there attached to a vote - and we are already discounted, sadly - too true.