Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finish a second buppa tea and then start on the whiskey...

I went to church today, very happy to have participated, hope I will be the better for it, and that those there really did like me being around.

I got home and made my feet naked, watched '2010 The Year we make contact' which I slept through the first portion there of... but woke to the end of the world and we know it. What is going on on Europa? Like waving a red flag in front of a bull to tell Man he must not eat of the tree of (fill in the blank).

Mostly, I then watched the movie Day of the Seige, about the breaking the cresting wave of the Ottomans on the battlements of Vienna in 1683, on September 11th. Very interesting story.

I was waiting for the official reports to start coming in from the participants in the Known Distance Appleseed I had helped with on Saturday. My foot wasn't up to two days worth, but my spirit was - twenty-eight center fire rifles with shooters attached. By Sunday evening the rains had worn them down to only seven to close and clean up. Eight Full Distance Riflemen made, six cold bore first round hits on the Daniel Morgan shingle (steel at 250 meters), and so I got the idea that the old Appleseed spirit of shooting your best for Liberty was Back!

I was beaten by the end of the first day of the shoot, I had only a couple of things to present in instruction but spent most of the day as Line Boss hollering the Line commands to keep everyone apace and safe. Since we were rapidly falling behind on the schedule the apace thing wasn't working. Too many words. I had to pull off the road and sleep for almost an hour before safely resuming my drive home. Then I slept long and hard after dinner with my wife that was still upset I had gone off in the morning to a range. She mentioned that I hadn't told her, but I am sure I mentioned that I would be at ranges three weekends this month.

Anyway, they did have a great day today, the link is on the left, I only claimed one day of helping because I had nothing more for Sunday, when they would have been doing too much walking for my foot. Isn't it really great to see so many rifles and shooters on line? Yes, it is, and that means this is America.


  1. Thanks for the time and effort. And hope the foot is okay.

  2. Thanks for the time and effort. And hope the foot is okay.