Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missed the Blood Red Moon, for the mist was heavy all during the Dark....

     Yes, I did wake to look, saw nothing but fog and went back to bed. Don't ask how many things I walked into in the dark bedroom - it wasn't my normal path and stuff was in the way. It couldn't have been enough sleep. By the time I went off to the YMCA for a workout I felt like a normal seasons changing, draft induced fever making illness had arrived. So I did a very light workout, cause I am still a fool and want to be a better one. Went off and did my banking and betting and then home to bundle up and nod off constantly in some DVD about killing that I had stuck in the player... no, I really don't remember much, but the Persian King was fleeing a blood soaked Alexander before I went back to sleep again... I read the history Alexander dies of a seasonal draft induced fever making illness. Or was it the Alamo? When Jim Bowie never got to his blade, did like that character. Excellent movie, and the next time I get upset with someone pushing a totally out of line Mexicans are picked on, I will calmly reply 'Remember the Alamo" - or Bataille de Camerone .

   I did decide to buy a DVD of Sergeant York, and as soon as I did, I wondered why I didn't already have a copy. Maybe because I only saw in once, in all the years of watching Gary Cooper in other pictures, hmm. And York Theater is named after him, oops! Is that building still there? Everything else seems to have been rebuilt, maybe that was, too. Anyway, it was never a picture that made Hollywood happy. Seems that God was important, Sergeant York was pretty humble, and I would sure like to meet him in Heaven. I do have Gary Cooper in Beau Geste, 1926, great story, redone in 1966. One of my first classic movies for Earl was High Noon, mostly for the music and the lovely lady. Ah, well. Have just enough time to watch Ben Hur crush his friend in a chariot race.

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