Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Victory of Chicken Little...

In the good old days, of yesteryear... isn't that a wonderful phrase? I heard lots of poetry, nursery rhymes. and fairy tales - it was part of a most excellent education. A solid grounding in common sense and stories with a moral, and a point, one of those sharp things for you to use in your future. Even cartoon characters used them as a short hand for telling their story - part of the common thread of our American - often British culture. This was a foundation for more education and communication as we grew up. All of the liberal arts in college has always been to reinforce the common accepted truths from the Greeks, Romans, the Bible, European History and moral values and philosophy.. or so I truly believe. Once you have the common grounding, you go where you want and fit how you may and you won't embarrass your family too much. Could even make them proud.

Somewhere a few days, months and years ago - the culture in America, the 'yes, I can' culture was hijacked into the 'No, way, Jose' cult. I firmly believe everyone that comes to live in America, or countries of similar purpose - comes to make their life and times better. They don't come to become slaves, they don't come to be serfs - peasants - peons, they come to make a good life and have a fine life with those they love.

If there are any people here in America, or countries that model themselves as freedom loving peoples, that want to fail, to be downtrodden, or just lay down and die under the whips of the overmaster --- well, just holler and let me know.  Hear anything? crickets? anything at all? Do you think they are all dead? Or has Chicken Little succeeded? They are too afraid to comment, complain, to make noise as they fix the problems, or build the nation and their families and fortunes? Political Correctness is an ugly whip to beat the others into shape, it is a soul stealing whip - no thought needs to be made once the whip is applied, no spirit can live free where Political Correctness is the law of the multitude.

But back to Chicken Little, the poor bird had a bit of trauma, and when recovering decided he must warn everyone of the dangers of Gravity and the Sky Falling! Since Gravity was a law, which everyone knows, then when he says the Sky is Falling - it must also be true. This was before the Blues made the idea famous. Media and government goodness guys (politicians) use your fears, based on their loud announcements of whatever they want you to fear now, to motivate you to their position - Chicken Little really believed "The Sky is Falling". So does the media and your loving politicians. Climate Change? Nuclear Winter? The danger in population growth, the religious Right, the Yellow Peril, racial impurity, social justice, unbound Liberty, individual rights, --- all those and many thousand more must be used to frighten you into compliance, for the children or your own good.  Chicken Little never wanted to harm anyone, and after everyone was safe from Falling Sky - what happened?

You and I can't stop the Sky from Falling, but until it hits us - we should keep working on that wonderful life, living in Love and Liberty. There are probably more people trying to make gain from me than I want to know - but to a certain point they can try, I am not interested in what hits my head, just that it doesn't really hurt nor cause permanent damage. I don't dwell on the unlikely - no matter how loudly media and politicians or Chicken Little trumpet loudly. I don't blame Chicken Little, he was only a public servant and a fool fowl, but politicians and media - they are using fears unfounded to gain some silly value for themselves. I don't have any silly value for them they had best go elsewhere to find it.

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  1. As always it depends on YOUR and MY definition of the sky falling... THAT is the only definition 'I' care about... :-)