Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The last of the cool for today...

 It is morning just before 9:15 here, and the last of the cool is being burned off by the Sun. I have been in hotter places - Vietnam and Saudi Arabia come immediately to mind, and I have never been to Death Valley although because of Twenty Mule Team Borax I always knew how hot it was there.

  I am recommending reading of American Spring, by Walter R. Borneman. The kindle edition is in my library, and I find more than I had from Paul Reveres Ride. Of course, I would say the point of this book isn't the same as Paul Reveres Ride unless you count wanting to have a best seller as the point. But it gives a better idea of the English and characters.  Always seek for more information, and wisdom to know what might be too much to tell.

  I am preparing a 'Ghosts of the RWVA' blog post. But don't hold your breath. It is Summertime and everything is on the procrastination pile.

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  1. Yep, both of those 'other' places got a tad warm... :-)