Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little old me, has shrunk two inches... but not in the waist... what a waste...

  I have likely  suffered a shrinkage of mental capacity that caused my head to be too heavy for the spine and, and Gravity is winning.  So, if the doctor's office is correct, and I am paying him, I am a little old five ten now. I did go in for a cough, very persistent one, and have been treated, now one more day of lolling around and I should be able to re-engage life as I knew it.

   I did some playing with old photos, and posted most to Face Book, and my brother says if they won't give him a way to opt out of interruptions for commercial value to Mark and Company, he will be leaving FB. A real guy. He hardly has time for FB, none of us do. I like to think I am there for the family and friend contact and pictures.

Warren, Ohio, baptism day. Picture taken by my grandfather, Rev. Earl Martin Smith, who would also baptize us. He was up from his church in Uruguay.

This picture is of the Loyalhanna Creek, Ligonier, PA, it ran right behind our home, and often ran into it when Spring floods came. I spent lots of time on the rocks, swimming in the pool below the falls at the top of the picture, and a little trying to fish. My father, built me a tree platform to hide and read in, since the one I started wasn't going to hold. He also built a canoe to ride the water with. Fishing was possible, but it never took with me.

The last picture is of my brother and I on the porch of the farm house we lived in.
West Mifflin, PA. It was like many old farmhouses, surrounded by the development built up when the farmers sold out and highways, shopping centers and sprawl made a modern world we still don't understand. We are wearing matching Robin Hood shirts from Richard Greene's program.

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  1. Memories that can never be replaced, and pictures that bring back memories are worth their weight in gold! Hope you're better!