Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I came to the realization, weeks ago, that I can enjoy a story again, and again, and again...

because I get older and what I look for in the story changes in my reading of it. Which is very helpful with something like the Bible, for the stories from my childhood in the Bible were much too simple for this complicated old man. I see all the shades of gray, only blackening my sights for ease of focus.

  I have also decide they don't make them like that anymore. Political thought, reason, logic, science - it does seem to change mightily with time. I watched Drums along the Mohawk, Unconquered, and Revolution:Revisited. First I found out that the first two were made in color - although I had only seen them in black and white on our family television. Then I found that Revolution was a 1985 film which didn't play well, they added narration in about 2005 and re-released it (Revisited). I highly recommend the only battle scene as it was done very well.

  There were lots of movies from the thirties and forties and fifties that were portraying honor, over coming evil and living independently on sound faith and trust in fellow man. I truly wonder if Daniel Boone had been a government project instead of a man taking his family and friends into Kentucky against the unknown - if there would have been anything but hidden hollows of escaped indentured servants west of the Alleghenies. Luckily the only government project, the Crown keeping expansion from creeping over the mountains, was already too late and the people were flowing - no borders until the Pacific Ocean would stand up to the pulse of people.

  When there are supposed to be families investing in the dangerous route across Mexico to flee the drug havens and cartel wars in Central America - I keep thinking all we need to do is publish Chicago crime stories - drug haven and cartel wars in Chicago - have to publish them in Spanish.

 Discussing it with another man, he doesn't buy doing it for the children the route is too dangerous for a child, if you worried about them you would take the whole family and leave the place of danger. I suggested that if your child would end up sponsored by an Anglo and live without Spanish, no possibility of bringing the family to the USA - that also might be a reminder that bad things can happen to children as refugees.

  Should the United States welcome these refugees? Sure, then immediately ship them to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza. They know how to keep a refugee population under control and under desired. Or since they are children, send them to one of those Southeast Asian countries known for providing sexual slavery of the very young.  Or assign them to Presidential Libraries for their education in America and see which ones prosper fastest.


  1. Personally I like sending them to GITMO...

  2. Your humor is not appreciated. Jonathon Swift did it better.

    1. What humor, there is nothing laughable in the situation of abandoning children to a foreign government for possible protection under laws they didn't make and in a culture they have no comfort living as 'others'. Nothing funny there at all.