Monday, June 30, 2014

My perception of reality is strange enough without it following me into my dreams...

Woke to a very strange dream, I was in this age but much younger and foolish -

Sorry, I stopped to get one thing from the Caravan and unloaded it since it is the quiet of the morning here. Got my first mug of coffee, and am sitting thinking of how strange it is that I have a DOE-15R target among my memories of this weekend. And I placed those nine holes in that target, yes I did.

For all my foot draggin' 'I don't like that two bays dividing my shooters and crew' and it is going to rain all weekend.... well, there wasn't a shred, not a smidgin' of BAD both days. Two and a half hour drive, PaulW and CubFlyr already parked in the lot waiting when I showed up. Tracey and her crew/family arrive, Ralph comes in - the whole crew is here and we haven't even opened the range yet.

First great news is the Club hosting is waiving the range fees, providing the bays as a community service, or because we did well the last time we were here. The heavy users are the local Federal and State law enforcement units for this range, it is the last one on the way to Canada so it has the location locked. The other thing is Kerry, one of the board members, gets the doors between the bays opened and we put the target boxes under cover where both bays can get them and we can walk back and forth at the equipment line, coordinating or just saying hello. We also get the club house for the lunch and telling of the tales and strikes of the match. So we have cover over everything except the firing line - just in case it rains, which it doesn't. Just cloudy and cool enough to be a very fine day for shooting.

All training and demonstrations presented, the highlight of my day was my NPOA laser, green, demonstration where I fell into my NPOA on the lower left target then muscled my way to a nice lock on the lower right target and then after proving I was on target, I relaxed and the shooters watched my laser wander back to the lower left target - where my relaxed body wanted to take the shot. Two Riflemen made on the first day, one on each bay, and of course KEVIN repeated his Rifleman several times. One more Rifleman on the second day and several shooters scoring well just needing a few more adjustments and lots of practice. Three scored AQTs on the left bay and two on the right bay on the first day, and the second day there were six scored on the left bay and six on the right bay. Known distance was presented by not fired because the range doesn't have the immediate capabilities.

After day one instruction was over and the shooters departed, the crew that wanted to shoot, did. Ralph had brought his ancient weapons, 1903, Enfield, M1 sniper rifle (D?), and provided the DOE-15R targets. We had a ball, I even pulled my M1 out to fire - am looking forward to shooting KD in August, need to work up my skills to match the rifle.

Things for me to improve on -- packing, the paper containers were perfect, the odds and ends containers were too many, too un-used or needed at another place, and what exactly does the Shoot Boss need in a clip board, timer and measurer? Always trying to improve the mix to get it just right. I did lose control of my demo rifle and almost panicked that it had been taken, but Matthew suggested that I might have left it where I used it for the demo. He was correct and I have a rifle that needs some TLC for sand and wet grass issues.

So, another great weekend on Appleseed, many things shared and learned, I will likely be back to that range in the Fall, might not be shoot boss, but we will see.  Custer Sportsman Club, Custer, Washington. Now, to breakfast and a regular Monday.

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  1. Nicely done, and thanks again for the time and effort to keep teaching the new folks!