Tuesday, June 24, 2014

As I sit here, sipping coffee and awaiting...

 Tuesday, seems like Monday just slipslided away... I did mow the lawn, chopped composting matter, I did do a coffee stop with Hal from about early dark thirty til 8:30 AM, saying Hello to old Methodist Men of the old Spanaway United Methodist Church. We had about three and a half hours of no takers on free coffee, then people started waking up and came by for regular. I took some power naps through the day - sleeping to Le Mis? Then my wife came back from clamming and my day returned to real. I read, posted the Course of Instruction for the Custer, Washington Appleseed this coming weekend. Twenty-one shooters. Hope I can get them all on the same range. Good crew called in. Went to bed at ten thirty and slept until eight. Now I should be ready to re-insert into the Matrix of my life. 

Off to the YMCA, stop at the public library to download my three new kindle books. Then massive sweating, stop twice for my wife to connect and then back home to trim up the yard, pack up the Appleseed stuff for loading out, clean the firearms for packing out. This week is short by design, and check and pay some bills. Stephen Hunter wrote something in American Rifleman, and has another book out. I am still happy Bobby Lee has gotten older but still deadly. I comprehend the older so well. Half my cup of coffee is gone so it must be about time for me, too. I took an interesting test on Facebook, Ghent University's. Vocabulary Test on English, I should have asked what Ghent would ever know about English - but I hadn't caught that when whizzing through it, only about four minutes. I ended up with 87%, and that is 90% correct minus one word I thought was real. They do give you results and definitions for what you didn't get, and the test can be taken over and you won't have the same words - I was impressed. But then it isn't a real Facebook fooled you test with ten questions. This was very good. Cup is eighty percent empty, must be about time to move out.


  1. Sounds like a productive day Earl, I just spent all day sitting on airplanes... sigh

  2. Try freerice.com. It will check your vocabulary, and you will be helping feed the world.

    1. I haven't had any problem with my vocabulary, since I stopped writing for others and institutions. I take tests to find out if I am still relevant or is that repellant?