Thursday, May 1, 2014

I have to keep talking them straight...

I shared a picture, message was: 'I am a conservative, Pro-life, gun owner. What else can I do to make you angry?' or some such. A family member comes back with how can you be pro-life and a gun owner? I find that very easy - I actually know the danger of weapons, the effect on the humans shot, and the effects on the minds of the humans shooting. So my choices are because of knowledge, not because somebody says...

Another picture of the NRA Convention and someone posts, a child - what is a child doing there? (She really knew, but was repeating the mantra of NRA+Guns = EVIL.) My response, not that there are any anti-gunners reading those posts in Facebook, The child is growing up, informed aware and interested.


  1. How can a culture as obscenely corrupt as Hollywood...or for that matter Washington DC.... dare to comment on anyone else? One wonders. I am glad you speak the truth even if it is hard to get others to listen.

    1. Thank you, but my speaking it is only to counter the lies we know are there. I hope everyone finds the truth, on their own with a little guidance. It lasts much longer that way.

  2. That they do, and an INFORMED child is much safer than a coddled/uniformed child...