Friday, March 14, 2014

The 42nd Anniversary of our marriage...

42nd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: none
Modern Gifts: Improved Real Estate. Look for properties to invest in if you want to buy real estate. Or simply redecorate your house. Now that the kids are gone, isn't it about time you turned that room into a gym or an office? Install a porch swing or outdoor fire place.

I do really thank God for many great years, and like many things in modern life I am sad when other marriages don't endure and flounder. In between traditional gifts, 40 is Ruby and 45 is Sapphire. Wonder if the gems cost so much no one had money for the none years.

When I finally got government sanctioned married, you have little idea of how much I blame the government and its representatives for slowing my marriage way down, almost three years worth. Vietnam and other things were in the way, mostly for my good or the country's. Shouldn't be bitter about it, but I am until I realize that not knowing much I wasn't very effective from my side of getting married. Heavens, my parents had not much idea about my life, how could a government?

  My parents were married twenty-five years, almost, before us. March marriages, our on the 14th, theirs on the 23rd. I wore my uniform because I had no suit that fit, I was really a blue jeans guy. I mentioned my parents, but her parents weren't in the loop either. I saw her father once, and he saw me. Neither of us added together the meeting quickly enough to make the connection. Both my wife and my mother had left their home country and married a gringo, or mi-guk. My father often commented that he couldn't do like his friends and tell his wife to go live with her parents until she got over the argument. Me neither.

I spend a lot of blank page time while thinking and re-living those years. No, I won't write them on the post for others to read. My mother wondered at my commitment, saying that I didn't have to get married, she was looking for my romantic side - which I would always deny having. Men had no romance in them. She finally found me holding my wife's hand in France and took a picture, to her it was so amazing. To me it was the thing to do at the time. Lots of good times in my life, and my love is most of them. My wife and I count from meeting in 1968, being introduced by friends that knew we were just perfect for each other.... they really work hard at match making in Korean Society but through the families - this wasn't. But it was the start of a wonder in our lives, that I could never have planned better.

Being such a poor planner, we are winging it today, although the buy real estate is a fine idea for investments, I haven't won the Lottery. Will see what happens in the next forty-two years.


  1. Congratulations to both of you, and many more years filled with love and laughter.

  2. Congrats Earl! And best wishes to you both for many more!!!